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Located on South Capital Texas Hwy Next to Lenscrafters

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I've been trying to get an appointment to get contacts, and it's been a huge pain in the butt... everywhere except here!  The scheduling process was fast and smooth, everyone who I interacted with was friendly (even when I was super frustrated about an insurance debacle), and I'm very happy with my new contacts.  My doctor, Susan Elizondo, was super sweet and made me feel at ease.  Denise was AMAZING.  When I was calling around to different offices to make an appointment, one of the offices (Quality Vision Eyewear) pulled and was holding my insurance hostage (even though at no point did they mention this, nor did I even make an actual appointment with them).  She spent an insane amount of time tracking down information for me and calling my insurance company, and was very patient throughout the process.  The prices were very reasonable (even if you don't have insurance) and they were very open about telling me the prices up front, which I appreciate.  When places are ambiguous and can't even give you a loose estimate, it sends up a red flag for me.I would definitely recommend this office to a friend.

- Tara W. Manor, TX